18 March 2012

Inspirational Message on a Fridge

"Like I always say, happiness is a choice
The same can be said about your finals."

14 March 2012

Does it come with a Cast Iron?

Sopa de Espinaca [Vegan]

The easiest and most delicious soup, converted to be vegan (and cheaper). Simply add some water to a pot, plop in the goodies and let cook. Let it cool, then blend! 

Add in a spinach leaf if you want to be fancy and that is it!


>> Approximately 4 potatoes
>> 2 onions
>> 2 cloves of garlic
>> 1-2 hot peppers of your choice
>> A sprig of ginger
>> water
>> Salt to taste

        Grill the onions in a large pan until browned, add in the potatoes (both diced) and cook in olive oil. Once the onions have browned, add in the rest of the goodies and then enough water in the pan to cover the vegetables generously, plus about two inches (more if you want it to be thinner). 

The end.

Happy Birthday Ilan

"I'll send you some pumpkin seeds once I finish drying my hair."

08 March 2012


I just love it when you run into an ex-boyfriend and you look like shit. I knew I should have taken that shower (as in actually wash my hair), put on deodorant, a clean sweater and non-ripped clothing. Sigh. On the other side, I caught the shuttle and packed a lunch.

Let's be real, it is clear what is more important here-

Inspirational Message on a Fridge

"Be wise, zip up them flies...
And be nice to women."

Does it come with a Cast Iron?

Yes crying woman on the right, what an epic fail.

To all of the damned women out there, Happy Day to YOU!

03 March 2012

Hitler finds out about the UCSC March 1st Protest

"Shabanu, really. What we decide for both of you is what you will do. You aren't old enough to know what's good for you."

Asparagus Gruyere Tart

       This delicious tart, is ridiculously tasty, albeit hard to say. For those of you whom are simply less elite, don't feel bad that you perhaps have never tasted "gruyere"for it is of the gods (also I hadn't either). Alas, the damned Martha Stewart made it look so darn yummy, so I had to try. So be bold, be brave, (not cheap) and indulge your taste buds-I dare you.

                                              See the recipe above. Simply add a dabble of this, and tad bit of that: I chose to add in some walnuts, and a whole lemon to the olive oil dressing to give it that extra jazz. Plus, but of course some lemon-pepper and garlic powder.                                                    You'll need two puff pastry sheets, and remember to thaw them out well in advance for best results. If you forget however, a quick thaw trick without jeopardizing the goods is to simply place the puff pastry on the top of the oven while it is heating up, flipping every so often.          

The recipe ended up calling for two bunches of asparagus, the whole thing of puff pastry and way too much cheese. Let's be honest..gruyere cheese is expensive, so I used half of what the recipe called for.  

Instead, I supplemented the "nut-rich flavored cheese" with the walnuts to still keep intact that taste of the 1% ;) 

Once the puff pastry is thawed, unfold onto floured cookie sheet, painting with water on any cracks (ass above). Then swoop a fork and poke little holes half an inch from the perimeter, this will allow for good aeration. 

Cook the puff at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until the puff is puffed and looking a bit golden. Meanwhile trim the ends of the asparagus and prep the olive oil and lemon dressing. Plus grate the cheese and cut the walnuts up.

Broadcast the cheese over the puff, then alternating from head to toe of the asparagus lay the guys as close together as possible. Sprinkle with the dressing, the garlic powder and nuts. Then plop in the oven and cook for approximately 25 - 30 minutes at 400 until the smells dry all into the kitchen, it shouldn't take too long ;)

02 March 2012

"Stay golden Pony-boy" - S.E. Hinton

I got Instructor of the Week!

"This week's instructor of the week is Sav Susnow, or "Flor", from EENGSC! Flor has been doing an amazing job teaching in both English and Spanish, acting as a class translator, to help EENG spread the message of sustainability to a more diverse group of young minds. Keep up the awesome work Flor!"

Development Discourse.

For Snape's a Jolie good fellow...

‎" The essence of good abortion care—indeed of good health care generally—is the recognition that one size does not fit all, and each patient must be treated as an individual." - Slate Magazine on Transvaginal Ultrasounds

“Are we now going to have to convince our patients we are not raping them?” A longtime abortion provider posed that question to colleagues on a listserv this week, and it demonstrates what is wrongheaded about the rhetoric that abortion rights supporters have been using to oppose ultrasound laws. 

26 February 2012

“You are the artist of the reality you create. Your thoughts paint your world in the colors of your feelings and emotions. Each brush stroke adds your everyday actions. The canvas is a living montage of your life expression in the gallery of human experience.” – Dr Jeff Mullan

"Life begins at 'last call'"

“Sir, first of all, that woman there is Korean, not Vietnamese. Wrong war. The owners are Korean. That man back there, the cook, he’s Mexican. I am Native American and French. We are all Americans here. Do you know what you are? You are disgracing your veteran status through racism and a false sense of nationalistic entitlement, and you’re leaving.” - Andrea

Mariachi | chuntaros | botas picudas | cholombianos | Rock | put 'em in a blender | tomate este batido

SKYN Condoms: The Closest Thing to Wearing Nothing

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Today is not just one special person's birthday but four, or so Facebook tells me (thanks FB). So to honor these sexy people, I present the following: 

Aileen, a cousin of mine that works at "一風堂"
Aileen, please know that you are a damned good squatter (pictured above). 

Happy fucking birthday Aileen. 

Next special someone: a hot-semi-lesbo-blogger-beautiful-fun-momma turns 21! 

Dear Andrea, happy fucking birthday. 

My goodness, you are simply an angel in this photo. It is as if your humorous cynicism that I love so much has simply dissipated in this photo. Happy day to you my dear. 

Next special someone: Señor Caleb. 

You came to California from Kansas where cows were literally flying in the wind. Then you left, but you sure made us laugh when you were here. Come back please. Ok, thanks. 

P.S. Happy fucking birthday!

Last special someone, and he gets two photos: My boo, Trev-a-Trev. 
Your rendition of Flav-a-Flav was just spectacular last night. Shma! 

P.S. The photo below is the one that made me go goo-goo over ch-ch-ah-oo. 
P.P.S. Happy fucking birthday my Love.